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1 Review

8.3 33 years old, female IUI IVF FET
Patient in March 2021

Doctor Elizabeth Pritts

Dr Pitt’s is amazing, knows her stuff & also allows you to advocate for yourself. She was always available to chat on the phone to ease anxiety, answer questions, bounce ideas off of, or just be a shoulder to cry on. It took 3 transfers, but sometimes people don’t have a clear reason as to WHY. Together with Dr Collins, our 3rd transfer was a success & I am currently 22+ weeks with our WFI miracle!

About Wisconsin Fertility Institute

Nursing staff is AMAZING!! Can’t say enough great things about them, especially Beth! Front desk staff is extremely helpful & knowledgeable as well. Ask for all things pricing (breakdown, due dates, etc) ahead of time. Literally my ONLY gripe is with how they handle billing. There are not payment plans & payments are expected promptly/prior to the start of a cycle but you are not billed ahead of time. It caused stress & one day I completely broke down. Once my husband called & clarified my stress & their expectations, things went much smoother. But to prevent stress, get it all upfront!! All that said, I would 100% recommend WFI!!! Can’t wait to bring this little babe in to meet them this winter!

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