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    What your AMH level means for egg freezing
    Guides How Low AMH Affects Egg Freezing Did you recently test your ovarian reserve and find out that you're running low? Are you now wondering if you can still freeze your eggs? Here's how many eggs you can likely freeze depending on your AMH level and your age.
    Gift ideas to support someone struggling with infertility
    Guides Gift ideas to support a friend struggling with infertility Here are some gifts you can give to support a friend who is going through IVF.
    How many eggs to freeze based on your age
    Guides Egg Freezing Guide: This is how many eggs you should freeze based on your age What is the best age to freeze your eggs? Here’s the data on how your age affects egg freezing - from how many eggs you should freeze and the likelihood you'll be able to do it in just one egg freezing cycle.
    Recurrent pregnancy loss - Causes of multiple miscarriages
    Guides Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Causes and Testing What causes recurrent pregnancy loss? Recurrent pregnancy loss is defined as having two or more miscarriages in the first-trimester. The cause is unknown in up to 50% of cases but testing with a fertility specialist can reveal issues that may be the cause of recurrent miscarriages.
    How to get pregnant with PCOS
    Getting pregnant with PCOS - What You Need To Know Trying to get pregnant with PCOS? If you have polycystic ovary syndrome, getting pregnant naturally may be difficult. This is what you need to know if you're trying to get pregnant with PCOS.
    Waiting after your egg retrieval for fertilization & embryo development results can be stressful. Image of clock lying on a surface which is half baby blue and half baby pink.
    Guides IVF Cycle Embryo Development Day-by-Day - What are your embryos up to? What stage are your embryos at? And what is normal development for each day? This is what your eggs & subsequent embryos are up to in the week after your egg retrieval for your IVF cycle.
    Does fertility acupuncture help during IVF? What are the fertility points targeted with acupuncture?
    Guides IVF Acupuncturist Explains Benefits of Fertility Acupuncture Does acupuncture help with IVF success rates? When during your IVF cycle should should you do acupuncture & how much does it cost? Here's what we found out from an IVF acupuncturist.
    What does IVF cost in 2021 & what are the extras not included in that fee?
    Finance The Cost of IVF in 2021 What's included in your cycle charges and what's going to cost you extra? Here's what you're forgetting to add in to your estimates for the cost of IVF.
    IVF Success Rates by Age in the United States
    Guides IVF Success Rates by Age in 2021 - United States Data Here’s the most up-to-date IVF Success Rates available in 2021. Using the most recent national averages in the United States, we’ll look at IVF success rates by age, success rates for first-time IVF patients, as well as embryo transfer success rates by age.
    IVF Success Rates by age in the United States for the newest CDC data released 2021
    Guides IVF Success Rates CDC 2021 Report - What's changed since the previous year The CDC has released the most recent success rates for IVF outcomes by national average and per clinic. Here’s what changed and other interesting findings.
    What is PGS/PGT-A for IVF?
    Guides PGT-A: Guide to Preimplantation Genetic Testing of Embryos in IVF Everything you need to know as an IVF patient about PGS/PGT-A for genetic testing of your embryos. Find out what the test can tell you, what happens to your embryos, cost, test accuracy, and more.
    A browser search bar looking up the term "iui" with a keyboard, mouse, notebook, and pen set on a light pink background.
    Guides What is IUI? The Process, Success Rates, & Cost of Intrauterine Insemination This is everything you need to know about intrauterine insemination treatment. We explain the IUI process, success rates, medications, cost of treatment, and how to find a fertility clinic for artificial insemination.
    How to deduct IVF expenses on your tax return
    Finance Tax Season: How to write-off IVF on your taxes Your guide to the IVF tax deduction. If you paid for infertility treatment in 2020, find out how much of the cost you can deduct on your taxes.
    New York State has legalized compensated gestational carriers for patients undergoing IVF
    Gestational surrogacy legalized in NY: How to find a clinic that has a surrogacy program These NYC clinics have in-house gestational carrier/surrogacy programs that you can work with to help you get started on finding a compensated gestational carrier to help you build your family.
    Tips on how to make progesterone in oil injections more bearable
    Guides How to make progesterone shots less painful Progesterone in oil injections for IVF - some women say not so bad, some say terrible. To avoid being in the latter group, make sure you follow these 9 tips for how to make progesterone shots less painful.
    Step-by-step guide of the IVF process
    Guides A Guide to the IVF Process & Timeline How long does the IVF process take? A step-by-step timeline from your first consultation to your embryo transfer and pregnancy test.
    Fertility-related gifts for your friend who it trying to conceive
    Guides Gift ideas to support a friend going through IVF While you may not always know the perfect thing to say to a friend struggling with infertility, these thoughtful gifts will let them know that you're thinking of them and support them during their IVF journey.
    Is preimplantation genetic testing during IVF worth the added cost?
    How much does PGT-A cost and is it worth it? Paying for preimplantation genetic testing (formerly known as PGS) during IVF could save you time and money depending on your age and how many embryos you have.
    Confusing infertility acronyms "IVF, PUPO?, BFP?, IUI, AF?"
    Guides Fertility Acronyms You Need To Know We've taken some of the most common terms from our fertility glossary and explained what they stand for and a little bit about it.
    These 13 US states shaded pink require insurers to cover IVF
    Finance IVF insurance laws by state These 13 states require insurance plans to cover in vitro fertilization but does it apply to you?
    Couple laying next to each other on a bed
    Guides Your Guide to Getting Pregnant Naturally How to maximize your chances of conceiving naturally and when to seek help
    Woman in a dress holding a large piggy-bank
    Finance and Guides Tips on Saving to Afford IVF How to start preparing your finances to pay for in vitro fertilization treatment and grow your Baby Fund
    Couple sitting on couch smiling at each other
    Guides How to Choose the Best Fertility Clinic for You 5 Tips for Comparing Fertility Clinics
    Pills and capsules on a yellow background
    Food & Diet Top Fertility Supplements for Women and Men What women and men are taking to support their fertility goals and why
    Woman lying on couch holding abdomen
    Guides 6 Things to do Post-Egg Retrieval to Minimize Discomfort Our Checklist of Top Tips To Follow for Egg Retrieval Recovery after IVF or egg freezing. How to reduce painful bloating and what items you should have on hand to help recover.
    Mariah Carey performing
    7 Celebrities that have struggled with infertility Infertility Does Not Discriminate, You’re Not Alone
    Syringes laid below pills spelling out "COVID-19"
    Guides 7 things you can do while delaying IVF due to COVID-19 While your IVF or FET cycle is on hold, take advantage of this extra time
    Need help injecting fertility drugs? Here are some helpful resources!
    Guides IVF injections - Scared of shots? Tips and alternatives Tips and alternatives for the injection process
    Here's how to calculate what you will pay for IVF using infertility coverage
    Finance and Guides IVF Cost with insurance - Here's how much you will pay for infertility treatment How much will you pay for IVF? Here is how to calculate your cost for infertility treatment when using your insurance coverage.
    Don't get tripped up by your infertility insurance by assuming these 5 things
    Finance and Guides 5 Common Misconceptions When Using IVF Insurance If your insurance offers coverage for infertility, great! But to avoid being blind-sided with bills later, there are some things you should look into with your carrier to understand your specific coverage and what you may actually be paying.
    How to prepare ahead of time so your egg freezing cycles doesn't upend your personal life
    Guides Freezing your eggs while juggling work and a social life You’re freezing your eggs, you go girl! Just making the decision to freeze your eggs and research all of the details involved seems like enough work as it is and that’s before you’ve even stepped foot into the clinic.