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2 Reviews

9.2 32 years old, female IVF FET
Patient in August 2020

Doctor Celso Silva

Dr Silva is extremely compassionate, educated (and up to date on current data/research), and positive. He is also conservative which is probably why his success ratea are so high. He always makes you feel as though you have the best chance with the decision you make. He outlines options and weighs the pros and cons and he's able to put the information into easy to understand language. We suffered a loss after our first FET and he took 45 minutes out of his day (unplanned) to discuss options with us, talk with us, and encourage us. He is a phenomenal person, extremely smart, and the only doctor I would trust with my care. I've referred several friends (from hours away from the clinic)

About Shady Grove Fertility

Great office! The tampa location is definitely growing which I don't love, I miss the smaller feel of when it first opened.
10 39 years old, female IVF FET
Patient in October 2020

Doctor Shayne Plosker

He is soft spoken but knows his stuff. He will answer any questions you have and does not beat around the bush. I worked with Dr. Plosker even before he was at Shady Grove while he was at USF IVF. So all together, I was in his care since 2018. We followed him there because we liked how he conducted himself.

About Shady Grove Fertility

They are a big clinic and have lots of patients so be prepared to see any of the doctors and nurses at any given time just based on the rotations and days of your appointments. The other two doctors at the Tampa offices are Dr. Silva and Dr. Immudia. They are both great as well. Dr. Immudia did a polyp removal on me as well as Dr. Silva. Dr. Immudia did my wife's egg retrieval and Dr. Silva did my successful FET.

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