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1 Review

4.0 female IUI
Patient in November 2021

Doctor Jovana Lekovich

She is SO knowledgeable and I enjoy speaking with her. She also has empathy for her patients, which definitely helps. I wish she was a bit more thorough and involved in communication with me throughout the process, but the nurses and coordinators are thorough.

About RMA of New York

They have a lot of patients so you have to really advocate for yourself sometimes. Thye have a lot of staff members and sometimes one may not really what the other recommended, and it can get a little annoying. Also I learned the hard way not to leave voice messages - always make sure you speak with a person directly and if you email be sure to get a response. Oftentimes staff won't notify patients when they will be out of the office, which I, unfortunately, learned the hard way. Overall, all the doctors and nurses are phenomenal. The disorganization is to be expected from a clinic of this size.