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1 Review

10 female IUI
Patient in November 2020

Doctor Brooke Rossi

Dr. Rossi is a very down to earth doctor, extremely kind and empathetic. One of the best in the field in our area, and the best doctor at her practice in my opinion (I saw most of the doctors there for appointments). She is willing to listen to your concerns/worries, but is also a straight shooter. I felt like I was in great hands even when treatment wasn’t having the outcome we wanted. When I got pregnant, she brought me in early for an ultrasound even though that wasn’t what they normally do, simply because I had incredible anxiety from prior pregnancy loss. I am extremely grateful for her!

About Ohio Reproductive Medicine

I really liked Ohio Reproductive Medicine, generally speaking. You always see a doctor for ultrasounds and not a nurse, which is different from many clinics where you only see a nurse for those appointments (which means you have to wait to hear results). Dr Rossi’s nursing staff was very kind, though sometimes not as empathetic as Dr Rossi herself. There are some cons, similar to many clinics from what I’ve heard. There is no direct communication with doctors aside from during appointments. You cannot email or call your doctor directly. You are able to email or leave a voicemail with your nurse. Basically there isn’t a single person there you can call and just talk to. That always bothered me- you even have to leave a voicemail for billing. There is an emergency line after hours but one time I needed an answer right away during the day and it was extremely stressful. The way they handle their billing could be frustrating at times. I started keeping track of all my appointments and whether I paid my copay or not because a few times they claimed I hadn’t when I was pretty sure I did. I would show my bank statement and they would say - that payment was for the time before, or that was to catch your account up - which made no sense because no one ever told me we were behind a payment… Overall, the staff is very friendly, especially the nurses, and they would always do their best to get blood test results back the same day as long as you made an appointment before 10/11am. Which we most in this community know, is like gold. Waiting is one of the worst parts of infertility, and we shouldn’t have to add waiting for blood test results to the list.

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