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8.3 31 years old, female IVF FET
Patient in August 2022

Review of Michael Lydic

We really loved Dr. Lydic and trusted him. Unfortunately after 2 egg retrievals and 4 failed embryo transfers we felt it was time to change clinics. Dr. Lydic is very personable and I really appreciated his phone calls just checking in on us! Unfortunately I did not feel I was being heard and did not want to do the same protocol that failed 4 times previously. If you are a textbook case KU is the place for you! If your gut tells you to stand up for yourself or find a doctor who includes your voice and your story in the plan!

Review of Kansas University Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine

I love love LOVED Maddy, one of the IVF nurses! She was always so quick to respond and was the sweetest human. All of the ultrasound girls were amazing!! I miss them. KU is a well oiled machine! The portal is a great way to communicate with your team and I loved that j could reference back to messages to check dosing and what not!

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