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2 Reviews

9.2 23 years old, female IUI Successful
Patient in May 2021

Doctor Paul Miller

Dr. Miller was absolutely incredible with all of our treatments, procedures, and testing! He was very understanding and was supportive in whatever choices we personally made throughout the process.

About Prisma Health Fertility Center of the Carolinas

I think the clinic could be a little more inviting but it’s still a nice environment and is well kept. Most of the staff are amazing with the exception of one nurse who wasn’t the greatest or most empathetic. Otherwise everyone else was super sweet and I highly recommend it to anyone looking.
3.3 25 years old, female IUI IVF FET Successful
Patient in December 2021

Doctor Lisa Green

Dr. Green was the best part about my experience with the Fertility center. Her kindness helped me get through the hard days and her encouragement kept us going. She is always so upbeat and positive. We LOVE her.

About Prisma Health Fertility Center of the Carolinas

The nursing staff dropped the ball with me. They forgot to call prescriptions in, forgot to make important post transfer blood work appointments and NEVER answered the phone. Towards the end of our IVF journey I was ready to be done dealing with them. Still, loved the blood girls and the doctors and the front desk people were usually kind!