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1 Review

1.7 female IVF FET
Patient in March 2023

Review of Timothy Hickman

Dr. Hickman is overall nice and reviews your record thoroughly prior to first appointment.

Review of CCRM Houston/Houston IVF

CCRM Houston is efficient in that you can get your scans and labs done quickly in morning. IVF lab seems good because got good results. However , when planning for IVF/ retrieval , I almost got delayed because nurse didn’t confirm my IVF schedule with doctor right after my appointment. I had called and asked if everything was set for IVF a month prior . They take a long time to be transparent about your schedule so if you are working woman , it is very difficult to plan anything ahead. My doctor was on vacation so never really saw him during retrieval process. Day of retrieval was smooth and recovery was fine. The embryology lab initially called on day 1 on update but never called a week later but instead sent a message on app. So much stress and anxiety ( and cost $$$) for this a process that a phone call should be made. I wish infertility clinics would be more willing to support working women; help plan better the schedules even though it is difficult.

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