Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago

Chicago, Crystal Lake, and Gurnee

Egg Freezing Embryo Freezing / IVF Egg Donor Program Embryo Adoption Surrogacy

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2 Reviews

10 33 years old, female IVF
Patient in December 2020

Doctor Michelle Catenacci

She was absolutely wonderful! After many failed rounds at a previous clinic, I felt like she and her team were providing personalized care to us. She really listened to our concerns and suggestions, and as a result, we were successful with our first transfer!

About Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago

It’s a small clinic, or at least it felt like a small clinic because of the individualized care we received and prompt responses to our questions. We would definitely recommend AFCC.
10 32 years old, female IVF FET
Patient in October 2020

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