Ronald Feinberg, MD, PhD Medical Director, IVF Programs
La Salle University University of Pennsylvania Yale University

About Ronald Feinberg, MD, PhD

Welcome to RADfertility. I look forward to talking with you personally, but in the meantime, let me share a bit of my history with you.

With a lifelong interest in the sciences, I was drawn to reproductive medicine primarily because of the research it involves. But the human side of infertility—the personal, real-life side—soon won my heart as I began to work with more and more couples in their quest to have the families they wanted.

I’m a husband and a father, and my family means everything to me. So to be able to help you grow your family—in the safe, responsible and personal way I believe in—is incredibly fulfilling for me. My partnership with Dr. McGuirk makes it even more so. We share a philosophy of care that I know benefits every family we work with.

For over two decades, I’ve had the privilege to work directly with the academic medical community (including many years at Penn and Yale) as well as national patient advocate groups such as RESOLVE, the American Infertility Association, the PCOS Association and PCOStrategies.

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