Barbara McGuirk, MD Medical Director, Reproductive Surgery
Pennsylvania State University University of Pennsylvania St. George's University

About Barbara McGuirk, MD

I’d like to welcome you and take this opportunity to tell you about RADfertility and me. I have been dedicated to women’s health since earning my medical degree in 1988. My education in obstetrics and gynecology reinforced what I already knew as a mother – the miracle of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood really is what life is all about. I knew I wanted to help struggling couples who cannot have children on their own.

After completing my reproductive endocrinology fellowship, I could have joined any number of established practices, but I intended to provide a very specific kind of fertility care. To give the kind of care I believe in, I knew I had to create a special place and team. I founded RADfertility and was soon joined by my partner, Dr. Feinberg. We’ve helped grow thousands of families since that time and have maintained our shared commitment to the patients we serve.

Our approach to reproductive medicine centers on you. Your specific health needs and goals for your family guide your treatment here. Whether your personal solution is a hormone or drug therapy, a minimally invasive surgery to resolve your fertility issue or a more advanced option like IVF, you’ll get the care that’s right for you. During your time with us, you will be respected, involved in your care and treated the way we would like to be treated if we were in your place.

Helping you have the family you want while providing a wonderful experience for you – one you can look back on with fondness – I cannot imagine a more fulfilling way to offer my expertise in this fascinating area of medicine. It’s my greatest reward.

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