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1 Review

2.9 36 years old, female IUI IVF FET
Patient in March 2020

Doctor Ilana Ressler

I did not feel like Dr. Ressler made an effort to really connect with me and my husband. After 4 failed IUIs and 2 failed FET's, it was suggested that we keep doing the exact same thing. I felt like RMA has a protocol they stick to and did not want to try new options or change protocol. It was very frustrating after so much failure. I also felt like she was not empathetic and easy to connect with.

About RMA of Connecticut

Too many patients. Everyone is treated like a number rather than an individual. I felt like it was always so hard to get in touch with someone. I hated going to multiple locations, if felt like no one was on "my team" even though I allegedly had my own team. My husband and I got very frustrated and ended up switching clinics. Billing is a disaster as well.

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